The Dandy Daffodil Tweed Ride

March 18th, 2017

Safeness & Helmets

Safeness & Helmets

Tweed Helmet Cover
Of Caps and Helmets… Let's take a moment to talk about bicycle safety and helmet use. This topic has come up and it is time to address it for a number of reasons.

Reason #1 being that one of the main organizers of this ride, was sadly hurt in a bicycle accident — one in which his helmet definitely saved his noggin from potentially serious head injury and death.

Many tweed participants will choose to cycle sporting fancy hats rather than helmets during our ride. Tweed rides are safer than normal riding seeing that we cruise at tweed speed and are protected by rural roads as well as by riding in a group. However, this is of course not a guarantee of safety.

Being sticklers for wearing a helmet and advocating helmet use whenever riding — except during the Tweed Ride. This may be bit hypocritical but encouraging cycling is better than discouraging cycling by laws or rules enforcing mandatory helmet use. Bike safety is more than about helmet use.

Some studies have shown that fatalities decrease the more cyclists there are on the road so encouraging more cycling is important. Oddly "countries with the most helmeted cyclists also have the highest rate of cycling head injuries." (sources: Bicycle Safe, Cycle Helmet). All this said, wearing a helmet is certainly better than not wearing a helmet. Being advocates for bicycle helmets. It is also important to advocate haberdashery. So bring a fancy hat along to don immediately at your destination.

Whether you yourself choose to wear a helmet during the tweed ride is up to you — protecting your smarts is certainly the smarter thing to do. You will not be looked upon as being uncouth for wearing a helmet rather than wearing a snappy cap during the tweed ride, nor will anyone chastise you for being unsafe for not wearing a helmet. If you want to be both fashionable and safe, Yakkay ( makes some fabulous dapper helmet covers, or better yet make your own style'n helmet cover!