The 4th Annual Dandy Daffodil Tweed Ride

March 17th, 2018

Daffodils And Such...

The Daffodils

Fields of blooming daffodils spreading yellow across the valley floor like French’s mustard smeared across a hot-dog bun. The Skagit Valley town of La Conner celebrates March with a tongue-in-cheek Unofficial Daffodil Festival, with no planned events but lots of yellow flowers nearby. According to Brent Roozen, owner of RoozenGaarde and the Washington Bulb Company, his firm grows more than 450 acres of daffodils in the Skagit Valley, compared to 350 acres of its more-famous tulips.
(abridged article by Brian J. Cantwell - Seattle Times — photo by Terri Lundberg)

Daffodil Facts
  • The three major varieties planted are Dutch Master, Flower Carpet and Standard Value.  Dutch Master is the world’s most popular daffodil.
  • Fields of daffodils are left intact through the bloom cycle and beyond, unlike tulips which are “topped” toward the end of their bloom cycle.
  • Daffodil crops are rotated every three years, versus an every-year rotation for tulips, so that daffodil fields that have been planted three years this year will have filled in to be a solid wash of bright yellow.
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